The net is going wild with Bigger-Stronger-Meaner test-drive ideas. After all, the prizes are too awesome to ignore. Have you submitted yours yet?


Ishan Bhatt

I would like to drive Bigger-Stronger Sporty BM X1 From Ahmedabad to Manali Because of xDrive all-wheel drive system..!!

Anirudh K

Cocooned in luxury & spearheaded by power in the all new X1 can be felt on Taj express way from Delhi - Agra at 200 KMPH

Rahul Sobti

I love to drive BMW X1 ON Buddh International Circuit, I love Speed & Drift and this is going be the perfect Test Drive.

Sachin Joshi

Drive to Ladakh & Spiti Valley from Mumbai is long overdue, with the new BMW X1, it would be a perfect plan together

Keerthi Rohit

BMW X1 is such a mean machine that I would go on a tour of India covering North-South-East & West testing all terrains

karthik Bm

All the Way to Mysore from Bangalore in the Highway.


Xploring the world Xactly with all new X1 #BMW#X1

Hemant Suthar

The beauty of road trip from Manali to Leh cannot be captured in words X1 will add the the beauty in all senses !

varun khattar

Slicing car into corners.Pushing hard&drifting through curves,maintaining balance&grip, clomping over big imperfections



RAJ Patanwadia

I wish to Xplore World, Collect Memories, Leave Footprints and Xmarks.


Naresh Jain

Take time on a test drive. Drive more than one Model. For half an hour drive on all kinds of road.

Karan Masson

I will take the BMW X1 to the Leh Ladakh adventurous trip and enjoy it's sheer driving pleasure on the go.

Guru Prakash

Beauty of My World (BMW)...Whichever road I opt for, "X1" the Beautiful Machine Wins!

Neeraj Upadhyay

I'd luv to drive this technically sound, intelligently beautiful X1 on Yamuna Exprswy to chk what it holds under the hoo

Ali Asghar Khambati

I would like to test drive the X1 on the roads to Leh ( Laddakh ) ... that would be a true test to check the power

Ishmeet Bahra

Driving a dream car from delhi to Jaisalmer.. driving it on endless nh8 to driving it on sand dunes of thar desert.

Navin Khatana

Ground clearince mix 225 And big tyres18 in Same brode and up loking brode fronts shape Than loking big suv

Khan Kashif Khan

Drive from Delhi to my small town.Delhi to Agra on expressway with full speed using full powe of Engin to it limit&from Agra to my town on broken road testing the suspension how it's work on bad roads..After reaching my town two things will happen ..First in my town ppl don't know about BMW ..when I will drive it in my town then ppl will know abt BMW brand.because they know abt Toyota ,Mahindra but they don't know BMW .secondly I will also get popular by driving X1 in my by driving X1 I will get two thing fun of driving BMW car&populart.


George Koshy

A north - south drive in #India logging-in a blog of d experience & a community connect initiative through d entire rout

Owais Zargar

I live in Kashmir and i would love to drive all new BMW X1 from my home (Srinagar) to Ladakh, Leh through "Zojila Pass".I m feeling my excitement in my words. It will b a bigger, meaningful and wonderful adventure.

Arun Belur

Would love to test drive it in a F1 circuit in chennai. Want to see how it handles under steer and over steer

rasika fernandes

The Salt flats in Blindingly Beautiful Bolivia- where the BMW-X1 will stand out against the stark white.

Ishan Bhatt

Drive to Shimla with All New BMW X1 BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel engine , SAV body shape and Panorama Glass roof..!!

Ajai Vijayan

Kashmir to Kanyakumari, along the LENGTH of India. Period. That would cover all possible types of terrain.

Jamsheed Sukhadwala

The X1s true mettle would be to have a drive from Kashmir to Kanyakumari spread across high expresroads & multi-terrains

Harshil Chauhan

Bumpy track on upward hill followed by straight smooth patch bit of sharp curves so can drift it and check stability

Deepak Gurunath

My drive with BMWX1 From Mumbai to kanyakumari to enjoy drive on smooth and rough roads of india

Mayank Thakur

Drive from Shimla-Kinnaur-Kunzum Pass-Spiti-kaza(Kibber highest village 4205m) ,via Rohtang Pass to Ladakh Valley.

Amit Mann

BMW means Bigger Meaner Wonderful n i wud luv to Xplore this X1 on twisty curvy mountainious roads of himachal pradesh.

Karan Gautam

I would love to drive this beast to KANYAKUMARI from KASHMIR and check its limit in drive and comfort

Gurjeet Singh

I will start the test from hill up down mountain and get into the river then get to the cultivated wet land to check the

Mohit Gupta

Crispy outers- cozy inside, coolest cabin- fiery outside , this beauty will be fun to ride any track any countryside.

Aromal Appukuttan

I will definitely test drive my x1 in the Himalayan rally course

Rajwinder Singh

try it off roading in my fields in punjab(india) it on broken roads of punjab..if it passes then it would be a super machine

Alkesh Agrawal

Driving the BMWX1 to see sunrise from east up to sunset across a beach would be the best test drive

Ashish Sahani

Biggest, meaner and strongest idea will be to drive X1 at Moon's Marius Hills. If that's not bigger and meaner nothi can

Javed Saleem

i want to test drive bmw x1 on dilapidated delhi's road . if x1 can ride on that smoothly than it can be drive anywhere

Alex Arthur

Becoming a Pilot and purchasing X1 is my dream! So I want to throttle X1 to the full on a parallel runway with Boing787!

Prakash Gupta

From Southern tip, Kanyakumari to KhardungLa Pass via secnic Western Ghats, sweaty Gujrat - Rajasthan & Brave Himalayas

Vishwendra kumar

I would like to drive the new BMW X1 in Patratu ghati. U can also take a look with ur BMW cars. U will feel the thrill

Vineet Malhotra

I'll drive BMW to its top most speed and then will apply its full breaks to check the distance in which it stops

Ayush Ray

Small is big and paying attention to small details makes a big difference.

Manu Khurana

Drive from mashobra to naldhera ... down the hill... jungle track... not for weak hearted ones


I wuld test drive the Bull king "BMW X1" to each corner of INDIA onto the valleys, plains ,lakes.wuld be amazing journe

Mahbakht Kotwal

Mumbai to Amby valley. Ofroad at lonavala climb hills n rocky terrain with steep slopes. Then Zip on curvy roads to amby

Rachit Parashar

The best test of this mean machine can only be on the KISHTWAR - KAILASH ROAD IN J&K or on the ZOJI LA PASS on NH1D

Khalid Lone

Drive from srinagar to ladakh via kargil with xi will be fan experienced to be remembered

Varun Khattar

Cruise along unXplored landscapes, define my own paths on my own rules & Xperience the Xtraordinary Xcitement in X1

Diwanshu Bhutani

X This car deserves a test drive from India to BMW Welt, Munich it's birthplace, conquering terrains on the way!! X

shubir kaikini

drive terrain not known to me & x1 together. driving tour to europe n back gets an experience to know the newest suv

Kapil Kumar

#XDriveChallenge Strong body like X-Men, i wanna try X1 on the HEAD TO HEAD burnout with the mighty JCB machines :p

Waseem Raja

If I had a chance to drive this gorgeous machine I would love to drive it here on all terrains of KASHMIR roads...

David Rajkumar

Would like to drive the majestic beauty on the Leh-Manali Highway a Paradise for Road Adventure geeks.

siddhart kushwah

try offroading with the new x1 between Srinagar to manali via leh, courage will be tested for both driver & the car

Prashant Pophalkar

I want to test drive the new X1 on winding twisties of Mountain road and then on off road through forests & rural roads.

Abhijith S

A road trip across the Western Ghats of India in the monsoon has been on top of my bucket list for a long time now. The Western Ghats turns into a paradise in the monsoon and driving across these rain forests demands for a comfortable yet rugged car like the X1. Driving the Beemer on picturesque roads and across estates in the rains would be a magical experience. Having said that, the xDrive all wheel drive system of the X1 will be put to the test on some non existing roads and trails as well!

Nigel Nizar

The X1 on a scenic drive in the monsoon season all around the western ghats. Climbing the fog filled green heaven !

Saravanabhavan Manoharan

Chennai to kanyakumari via trichy the whole gliimpse of tamilnadu Crossing 8 districts varied of accent the nature peop

Tamagna Ghosh

X denotes crossroads. It's the crossroad of XDrive and photography .. Documenting the car across rhe heart of india

Kunal Sangar

India being so diverse I would cover India; North, East, South, West and North. My idea of Bigger, Stronger and Meaner.

Rahul Batra

Had X1 still can't wait the meaner machine now to drive all to way to Rajasthan with all features that command roads .

Pankaj Jawa

Push the throttle, climb the Curves of Himalayas, Unleash the Virgin undiscovered scapes beyond Spiti valley to test.

Upendra Bisht

Drive from Haldwani to Almora,,Chokori,Gangolihat and Berinag will be a journey of self discovery for man and machine.

Sheri Chander

Bigger - Let's take it to KhardungLa. Stronger - Let it withstand the potholes of MP. Meaner - A Drive through Old Delhi

Adit Paul

Test drive to Srilanka, with food packets for the flood affected victims. That would be a drive, with purpose & meaning.

veejay vasnaani

Drive to Rajmachi fort in the rain is a very challenging&exciting offroad track. That would be my ideal capability check

Parvinder Singh

Chandigarh to Kaza. Road starts from plains of Chandigarh, Sub-mountains till Shimla, followed by the rough terrain.

Paul Nithin

Unleash the beast on the road and capture all the human emotions and enjoy grippling sensation in your body is X1 to me

Kushalaja Mukesh

I would like to test drive it across India touching all 32world heritage sites across all 29 states's rocking and

Varun Khattar

Pushing car really hard& wheel drifting through curves maintaining balance&grip, banging & ruling over big imperfections

Ashish Sharma

Jaipur To Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer BMW X1I like to enjoy the desert Safari

Hemant Suthar

Xtra high, Xtra fast and Xtra tough. Manali to Leh will be the best testing track for the X1

Dinesh Sonvane

I want to drive X1 in Himalayan range, crazy isn't it...

Bhavya Arora

Thanks BMW for a well sheer driving pleasure once again-The all new BMW X1. I'd love to drive it from Delhi to Mumbai.

Mahadev Reddy

I will test drive BMWX1 on The most spectacular road Darjeeling to Gangtok, Manali to Lay, Bangalore to Pondicherry.

Priyesh Desai

I would test drive the X1 on the beautiful Srinagar Leh highway . Perfect harmony between nature and technology.

Rohan Sachar

I'd like to carve out an X symbol across India, which would cover multiple terrains across multiple states.

Abhinandhan Ramakrishnan

The Yelagiri Highway. The X1'S true potential can be fully tested and put to use. Sheer Driving Please on the mountain.

Ankit Alagh

I would like to accelerate the new BMW X1 on Runway 28 IGI airport in Delhi and feel the power of the new twin power turbocharged 4 cyliner diesel engine and cut across corners to drift the new SUV to its limits. Thats's my idea of Sheer Driving Pleasure!!!!!

kunal anand singh

Take an impromptu break from the mundane without a destination in mind. Let the mood & feeling inside the X1 guide us to the mountains, riversides, desert or beaches. Be in control the X1 and free yourself.



Nishchaya Abbhi

Northern River Rocky Beds, Ladakh/Leh drive, would define the vehicle. X Drive is worth testing.

Thanga Muthu Mariappan K

I want to ride in the chennai, mumbai and bangalore traffic with the minimum speed 60km/h. :D

Abrar Haqqe

I want to drive on the X1 ON the most adventurous road in South India, the chalakkudi - valparai - pollachi road. This road is breath taking beautiful. There is 40 hairpin bends in valparai to pollachi and the single lane 60 km chalakkudi to valparai through the forest is full of adventure. I hugged all the corners in the road on my bike, now I want to test the dynamics and performance of the new X1 over here, How the X1 manages the bad patches of the road. It's comfort on long drives.

RAJ Patanwadia

I wish to start , where Sunsets in Kutchh to where it rises first in Dong, Arunachal Pradesh. I wish to experience it's every aspect, Power of xDrive, Luxury, Comfort, Suspensions etc, in every mode of nature, steep slopes, bad roads to unleash it's true potential.

Aman Sharma

I wish to drive the new BMW X1 from Chandigarh to Amritsar, through highways and interiors of the cities as well. I want to see in this scorching summer how well does it go far enough to prove its mechanism. To the utter chaotic streets of Punjab to the long run on the highways, to watch it go just error less as I've imagined it so far. Let's bring it on! #ChaloPunjab

Arnab Mukherjee

The X1 would be the ideal companion for a week away from the chocking citylife of Kolkata, travelling to darjeeling and back. An early morning departure would set the tone for the trip with the new headlamps aptly glistening against the moist kolkata morning. by mid day the beamer and I would be able to put some miles behind us and gallop smoothly through the NH34. A pitstop and a cooler later we would set off again. This time the smart interiors and the synced audio matched with the superb NVH levels allowing levels of engagement quite unmatched by peers. As we hit NH 31 the X1 comes into its true element and the progressive power delivery coupled with grounded dynamics will be a thrill to behold on those winding loads leading up to our destination. As the sun sets and the projectors light up the roads ahead, we will silently glide to a standstill at gates of our hotel. I will surely walk out of the car, still fresh and hardly out of breath just like my companion. As i shut the door after checking upon my humble camera equipment still carefully tucked away in the cavernous boot,I will surely give the X1 a pat on the bonnet and bid good night with " its a early morning trek to Tiger Hill mate... get some sleep"

Akhilesh B Chandran

I will drive it all the way from Trivandrum to Munnar Hill Station, in this rainy season. So that I could enjoy the long drive, with the magnificent scenary created by the rain and the greenery of Kerala(God's Own Country). And I could exploit the legendary Xdrive system at the hill station, by doing the offroads and the difficult hilly terrain in there. At some high ground in that hill station, I will stop the vehicle and have a tea, and enjoys the beauty of the vehicle, with the hills and greenery in background

Hero Bahti

I want to Drive the new BMW X1 from delhi to kaza kimber valley,Himachal Pradesh. its road conditions are very bad that driving normal car is not,i want to drive new BMW X1 there for testing its performance,toughness and testing the real suv power.the main thing that car depends is their power ,mileage ,suspension and that roads it is the best way to check these things.its looks are very stylish,sporty,dashing and really can be the best suv of the year. BMW X1 the best ever biggest,toughest and powerful Suv.

vikas Ambwani

Drive BMW X1 to mapout unmapped road discover less known places visit less known city see what unseen thread mud highway narrow curvy or even at off road define true meaning of nirvana which lies in sheer driving pleasure

Ashwin Hariharan

I would love to take my parents on a drive with the BMW X1. Starting from Kerala, native place, cover the hilly areas of Munnar and Wayanad and off to Kodaikanal. Then drive towards Bangalore, the roads on the way are beautiful. The scenery is a must see. Go to Bandipur Forest. It'll be a great drive since its between the forests. And then go to Coorg. It's not an easy drive but with the BMW X1 I am pretty sure it's as simple as it sounds. Then go to Mumbai and then off to Pune. The 'Mumbai to Pune Expressway'. The picturesque surroundings and lush green lands are like heaven on earth. And then off to Delhi. And from there to Shimla. Via the Grand Trunk Road. More like a road trip on hills filled with fog. The chilly winds make for the most sunlime of experiences. And then off to Manali via Kinnaur and Spiti. This route covers Kalpa, Sangla Valley and other valleys making it one of the highlights. I do hope to take my parents on a roar trip like this. Someday. My dad and mom have been wishing for the same for years. Maybe BMW X1 is what I need for a trip like this. Also this way I get to study the BMW X1 on a complete scale. The performace, if it's economical, it's horse power, comfortability for long drives, and if it's pleasurable.



Jaideep S


Arjit Kulshreshtha

A Drive from Rann of Kutch, Gujrat to all the way up to Leh-Ladak, J&K covering deserts of Rajasthan, Paddy Fields of Punjab then tackling Odd-Even Traffic of Delhi before aheading to the Final Destination. This Test drive will set benchmark of being bigger, stronger and Meaner.

Edward Pinheiro

I would Love to Start the test how economical it is, drive in the normal City Traffic conditions, then take it a notch further into an Off road experience perhaps a place which has Some Rocky surface as well as Wet mud could be a place in the mountains there by testing its great abilities of off roading maybe, then I would want to test drive it on an Actual Race track madras or Buddh Track to Feel all those Horse Powers under the Hood.

Eddie Pinheiro

I would love to take a test drive of the powerful and amazing beast on the International track which is open to all The Nurburgring , which is situated in the Home town of BMW, Germany.

sunny joshi

Drive the new bmw x1 delhi to dhikala in the interior of jim corbett national park . This ride will be full of adventures and good test for this sporty suv.

Vinod Matai

Need this car that I can drive in extreme conditions and prove that it can perform its best. Always trusted. Pull the A380 with X1

Joydip Hazarika

#PilotTheX1 through the world's most dangerous road,the North Yungas Road in Bolivia!!The road is from from La Paz to Coroico,56 kilometres northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is legendary for its extreme danger and the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the worlds most dangerous road. One estimate is that 200 to 300 travelers are killed yearly along the road. The road includes cross markings on many of the spots where vehicles have fallen. It is a regular occurrence for buses and trucks to go tumbling to the valley below, especially when they try passing each other.It has been aptly named the "Road of Death"in Bolivia .It'd be so thrilling to drive the X1 on this road,both for the machine & the road,for you get to know one thing for sure and that is,if you do fall,the X1 & you would get to be together for eternity!!

Rajat Jain

On hillly areas surrounding by mountains because that's the place where you can still enjoy driving with utmost comfort and luxury .

Rajnish Sharma

Drive to seven wonders of the world in a BMW X1. A photograph taken at each place.

Rohan Patil

I would love to take the new X1 to the icy roads in the north India and explore the full potential of the xDrive and also boast about driving in the snow.

Suban Walia

Start the Gurugram Grind through pot-holes and broken dividers... Push on to the Himalayas across river, sand and snow with a final touchdown in a highway showdown across Rajasthan to Jodhpur.

Mandeep Singh

Drive the pacific coast highway from Los Angeles to San Francicso

Bhanu Prakash

#Drive the X1 to the farthest corners in India to get #untold stories of our people and their struggles out!

Rajat Agrawal

Starting from desert in Jaipur till the mountains in the north , going through the city to check its power. That would be a ideal test for it in our own India

Ashwin Koduri

I would test Drive the new BMW X1 in Bolivia Salt Flats and awesome place to test drive where the land and clouds meet .

sowmithri s

Delhi - Rohtang pass - Leh - Karakoram pass - former soviet republics - Russia from Siberia to Kamchatka - Mongolia - China - Myanmar - return to Delhi via Stillwell road.

Namrata Shelke

Wanna experience the sexy BMW X1 on the roads never travelled and get lost at the mercy of I-Drive NAV to get back home.

Kanku Baruah

Would like to enjoy the curves of Guwahati to Cherrapunji with all powers of X1 unleashed!Be lyk nature splashing luxury

Lalit Badlani

Would love to drive from Mumbai to goa via pune expressway and roam all over goa in bigger stronger meaner X1

Varun Khattar

Spearheading my BMW X1 through lands & waters, heading towards my destination, taming every challenge that comes my way!

Bibungchar Mashahary

I would like to take the car and go to every possible places.. So that I can witness d best in class comfort in it, and feel the same power as of the engine, strong n unbeatable. :)